Surface mounting enclosures series D is intended for indoor and outdoor application. Produced by Acrylonitrile Styrene acrylate (ASA), which is 100% UV stable and weather resistant. ASA is also used in the automotive industry for all plastic parts exposed to UV sunlight. Series D is suitable for use in places where we need protection from rain, moisture, water, dust and in areas where condensed moisture results from the temperature difference: garages, swimming pools, industrial plants, photovoltaic systems, etc.

Advantages of the
D series

Razvodne kutije su kompletno opremljene svim potrebim delovima za montažu. Praktičan dizajn omogućava smanjenje troškova i vremena instalacije. Napravljene od ASA (Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) materijala koji obezbeđuje 100% UV stabilnost i kao izložen suncu ne menja boju i sastav.

Adjustable DIN rail holder allows installation of all modular devices, enclosure depth.

SAFE. Possible use of metal lock with key.

The dimensions necessary for installation are already printed on the product itself.

Fast changing of door position, on the left or on the right side.

IP65 protection caps.

Gumene kablovske uvodnice obezbeđuju sigurno i brzo provljačenje provodnika. Stede 50% vremena potrebnog za provlačenje kabla. Znatno jeftinije u odnosu na standardne plastične kablovske uvodnice

Protection against theft of electricity by sealing.

Easier access to cables, easier installation (due to curved design)