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We are present in the markets of 40 countries around the world with a tendency of growth and expansion.

We are a company that makes technically demanding plastic parts and tools. We are one of the leading manufacturers of switchboards for automatic fuses in Europe.

Many years of experience, excellent work that our team has been doing, complete attention to detail, overcoming of every obstacle before it occurs, as well as the quick solving of every problem constitute our goals

  • Quality

    The quality that we guarantee to our clients is ensured by dedicated work and cooperation among all employees in the realisation of international standards.

  • Innovativeness

    With the aim of improving and optimizing production, we follow the current trends and technologies of injection molding, as well as the most modern achievements in the transport and treatment of polymer raw materials. Technical improvements in the Tehnoplast company can be reflected in the acquisition of the most modern machines, thanks to which we achieve savings in electricity consumption, and with the implemented software solutions we are able to monitor and optimize production, providing our customers with a top quality product. Looking at the complete production, we can freely say that we are among the top of European producers in terms of production machinery park and technological solutions.

  • Experience

    Many years of experience in making tools for injection molding and making technically demanding parts from plastic polymers, perfected work of our team and complete dedication to every detail enable the development of new ideas, the prevention of every obstacle, as well as the quick resolution of every problem. Customer satisfaction drives us to continue in the same way.

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Nothing prevent our being able to do what like bestevery pleasures is to be welcomed every certain of duty.

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