About us

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Company was founded in 1968 in Zemun. Tradition built on contemporary technology assured recognition and quality. Inside the 4500m2 of business-warehouse space are placed sales, supplies, accounting and administrative services, design construction team,modern tool shop, as well as the production run for spouting of plastic. As we run a complete technological operation, our company is able to answer the production needs of already existing articles as well as the development of completely new products in a short period of time. The quality and the “safety of home installations” guaranteed by many domestic and international standards that we have adopted is the sign of quality of EPS, CB, IEC, DIN and ÖVE. We always want our customers to be one step ahead. The best price/quality/design combination that we offer places us at the very top – ahead our competitors.
Many years of experience, excellent work that our team has been doing, complete attention to detail, overcoming of every obstacle before it occurs, as well as the quick solving of every problem constitute our goals
We are present on the markets of 30 countries world wide.